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Download and read Royal Mail MarketReach's Report on the benefits of mail as a marketing medium here:

At Tempus we provide you with a complete suite of direct marketing services for both printed and electronic direct marketing campaigns. Our years of experience in all aspects of direct mail, mean we are able to produce a variety of documents, from small print jobs, to large and complex campaigns.

Tempus’ direct mail service provides clients with a streamlined process from design, to data management and delivery.


Our data service gathers postal, email and telephone contact details of prospective consumer or commercial targets and can be focused on markets by geography, age, gender, interests and other demographic filters as well as filters such as industry, size and turnover for commercial targets. Once data has been agreed it can be used to create custom print and electronic marketing materials.

Tempus can provide all forms of document finishing, allowing direct mail to be delivered in a multitude of formats, from postcard campaigns, newsletters and booklets through to email. Our direct mail service, along with intelligent software, will help clients to produce professional and effective communications.

We have invested heavily in developing personalised marketing software, which enables us to not only design campaigns with personalised data, but also personalised images.

This intelligent software produces high impact, image rich campaigns
which in turn lead to a marked increase in your response rate, enabling you to communicate with your clients on a one to one basis with your clients.


Experienced. Responsive. Cost Effective.

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