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Tempus provide a secure web to print service which holds marketing collateral and internal documentation securely online and available 24/7 for staff, branches or departments to seamlessly login, choose or customise a full range of marketing materials and order. It automates manual marketing tasks such as version control of artwork, change requests, proofing, budgets, approvals and artwork creation and distribution. Additionally it guarantees brand consistency, makes marketing available to those that need it, when they need it and streamlines the procurement process.

Our solution incorporates variable design tools which combine data with creative artwork to compose unique 1:1 marketing documents, specifically relevant to each individual recipient. It goes further than simple name and address personalisation by applying intelligent logic based variables to graphics, offers and layouts specific to each recipient

Benefits to Users:


  • Reduce administrative time and associated costs.

  • All collateral stored in one place for simple and fast access.

  • Collateral accessible anywhere and at anytime

  • Use approval processes to monitor and control orders.

  • All collateral, images, logos and content controlled by brand owners.

  • Lock down brand ID to ensure brand consistency while enabling structured amendments to specific areas of copy and imagery.

  • Empower users to manage their own marketing without compromising corporate ID or requiring central suppliers.

  • Communicate marketing agenda throughout the organisation.

  • Reduced resource time and costs.

  • Control marketing spend by allocating budgets to specific users.

  • Reduce waste by not batch ordering and disposing of out of date content.

  • Use data to produce targeted rather than mass campaigns



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