The digital resource management challenge - how to share the knowledge

Organisations are increasingly using digital channels to support and develop their relationships with staff, customers, suppliers, and other key stakeholders. More and more the focus is on producing, managing and publishing a wide variety of digital resources either by themselves or in partnership with other organisations. Digital resources can vary in format from simple documents like guidelines or images to more complex packaged training and educational materials that can be used in learning platforms.

Unique set of challenges

This explosion of digital content brings with it a number of unique challenges for any organisation:

  • How to quickly and easily make these resources available to a wide range of audiences

  • How to fully leverage existing digital resources by sharing them across the organisation and managing and reusing them effectively.

  • How to let individuals personalise their access to resources and organise, store and use digital resources in a way that suits them

  • How to balance this need for quick and easy access with an effective way to administer and manage this wide spectrum of digital resources both internally and externally

  • How to do all of this in a way that integrates with the existing technology infrastructure in the organisation whilst leverages the potential that emerging Web 2.0 and social networking technologies have to offer

Introducing the Tempus digital library solution

Tempus provides its clients an online, centralised and effective digital repository solution that is specifically designed to simplify the discovery, sharing, management and publishing of all kinds of digital resources. It provides an easy way to manage the classification, submission and publishing of digital content and supports a wide range of content types from documents, images and multimedia, to more complex interactive content such as training material which conforms to the international SCORM standard. Because our system effectively separates digital resource management from delivery, it provides the flexibility to support multiple platforms and web portals both now and in the future. This removes the problems traditionally associated with migrating to new delivery platforms and providing the flexibility to integrate with delivery technologies as they continue to evolve over time. Our system is bespoke allowing true customisation for our clients as opposed to some of the generic solutions currently available. Are you interested in learning more? If so please contact us and we would be happy to provide you with more information.

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