Are you getting the most out of your digital learning resources?

As elearning takes a more central role in the ongoing training and development of staff in corporations, elearning departments are increasingly producing, managing, publishing and distributing a wide variety of digital learning resources – from introductory level training courses to advanced CPD designed to develop individual skills and abilities.

Digital learning resources specifically designed to support a range of functional disciplines, levels and issue specific training and development needs within the organisation.

Digital learning resources that vary in type and complexity from simple, document based formats to more complex packaged learning materials for use in the corporate LMS/VLE.

Unique set of challenges

This explosion in digital learning materials brings with it a number of unique challenges for elearning practitioners that include:

  • How to quickly and easily make these resources available and discoverable to staff across the organisation

  • How to specifically target and distribute resources to discrete groups with specialised requirements based on criteria such as roles, competencies and identified development needs

  • How to let individuals personalise their learning experience and organise, store and use training and learning materials in a way that suits them

  • How to balance this need for quick and easy access with an effective way to administer and manage this wide spectrum of digital resources both internally and with external content providers

  • How to do all of this in a way that integrates with the existing technology infrastructure in your organisation and leverages the potential that Web 2.0 and social networking technologies offer

The answer?

Quite simply? Find a single solution that allows you to manage all digital training and development resources under one roof. One that balances the capability to meet the differing needs of staff across your organisation with the flexibility to quickly and easily integrate with your existing technology infrastructure. Tempus IME can deliver that solution.

Tempus IME has an online, centralised and highly effective digital repository solution designed to simplify the discovery, sharing, management and publishing of all kinds of digital training and learning materials.

It has been specifically designed with learning and learning technologies in mind, and delivers a number of key strategic benefits for corporate elearning departments including:

Make training and development materials easy to find and use – for all staff

Simple keyword searching allows staff to quickly and easily locate learning materials that meet their needs, with single click preview of even the most complex resources.

Get the right training to the right audiences

The role that your staff perform within the organisation differs from department to department and so do their training needs – from sales reps who just want to learn how to sell more to customer service staff who want to improve their objection handling.

Tempus IME recognises this, providing the flexibility to target these very different groups with resources that match their needs, by allowing them to browse for resources mapped against specific topics or subject areas, competency levels or even at the level of their individual role.

Let staff personalise their learning experience

One way to make learning and training successful is to embed it in the personal daily routines of staff – just like checking your email first thing and the mid morning coffee break already are.

Personalisation is at the heart of this approach and our digital repository software provides the flexibility to organize and configure learning resources in a way that suits the individual. Features like MyFavourites, personalised tagging and RSS news feeds allow learners to take control of their own development and create their own personalised learning programme alongside corporate initiatives. Thanks to our digital repository software suite, staff are also free to choose the elearning, portal and desktop tools they prefer to discover, use and share their personal learning materials. Part of the wider our digital repository software Ecosystem, our digital repository software Connect provides the capability to deliver digital resources via technologies such as existing web portals, corporate learning platforms, desktop newsreaders and even standard web browsers.

All without the need to even log in to our digital repository software. With all of the benefits of our digital repository software delivered seamlessly on top.

Deliver highly effective and centralised learning resource management

our digital repository software provides a highly effective, low cost, low resource way to manage all of your digital learning resources in one place, both internally and in conjunction with 3rd party content suppliers. It avoids the traditional “silo” based approach to storing resources and provides an easy way to manage the classification, submission and publishing of digital content including support for a wide range of content types including documents, images, multimedia and interactive content which conforms to the international SCORM standard. Content usage reporting and analysis also allow you to develop your elearning strategy by managing and monitoring the content that is successfully being used, and by whom.

Leverage the significant investment you have made in digital learning content

Finally, ROI is a key metric for any business within a business - and training and development is no exception. By making digital training and development resources easier to discover, you increase the level of use and reuse of these valuable materials. Each reuse gives a substantially greater return on the original financial investment you’ve made, whilst at the same time boosting the human capital investment and skills base of your staff.

Independent, flexible and future-proof

As our digital repository software effectively separates digital resource management from delivery, it provides the flexibility to support multiple technologies such as LMS/VLEs and web portals both now and in the future, removing the problems traditionally associated with migrating to new delivery technologies and providing the flexibility to integrate with delivery technologies as they continue to evolve over time.

Backed by a comprehensive Ecosystem

At Tempus IME we realise that no digital repository operates in isolation, which is why we have developed the our software ecosystem. A comprehensive solution that not only comprises our digital repository software software but also a complete web services suite and specialist implementation services and consultancy which is available to all our clients.

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