Teachers need access to good digital learning resources

All teachers require good learning resources to give to their pupils the best learning experience possible. A wide range of digital resources are potentially available to most teachers, but they often have no way of discovering or accessing them. Digital learning resources can range from lesson plans and worksheets through images, presentations, audio and video, to fully interactive e-learning materials. What is required is a solution which enables all this material to be accessed, managed and shared independently of any other learning system, such as a learning platform, whilst being easily integrated into any current or future learning system.

Many schools utilise learning platforms, very often built largely around a specific Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). VLE’s are designed to help organise pupil’s work, and enable teachers to direct pupils to resources. However, they aren’t necessarily designed as a solution for supporting teachers in their work, discovering resources that are useful to them, or sharing these resources with their colleagues. There are also a range of factors which affect which VLE is employed in a particular school with no single solution able to meet every schools needs and it can be extremely difficult, time consuming and costly should you decide to change your VLE solution at some point in the future. So what is the solution? For the long term viability of electronic learning and digital resource management in schools, it is imperative to separate out content management from delivery, which means maintaining digital learning resources outside of any specific learning delivery systems including VLEs. Tempus' digital library solution is designed for this purpose and is a system for discovering, sharing, accessing and managing digital learning resources. It supports the full range of content types, including documents, images, multimedia and interactive content which conforms to the SCORM standard. It can be easily integrated into all VLE systems commonly used in schools and enables digital materials to be managed and shared independently of the VLE, whilst making them available to users of the VLE through an open, standards-based interface. It eases the transition from a traditional teaching model to a more “blended” approach, including the use of online solutions. The library can be used to enable a professional resource network for all teachers, whatever their chosen medium and enables teachers to create and share learning materials within and between individual schools. Which helps prevent “reinventing the wheel” or constantly creating content that already exists elsewhere. The ability to provide “star” ratings for specific items also encourages peer review and the constant improvement of these learning resources in the shared library.

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