5 Advantages of Web2Print Marketing Portals

No one knows your brand better than your corporate marketing team. At the same time, no one knows your local customers better than the people who work with them face-to-face every day.

Still, most enterprises are struggling to grow their brands at a local level without disrupting it.

When numerous people are ordering their own marketing materials it’s easy to loose control of the integrity of your brand. Tempus Web2Print online ordering system, MarketTIME, enables you to manage all of your organisation’s marketing materials in one place. In addition, the rise in the use of digital print makes Web2Print portals, all the more appealing. By 2020, Smithers Pira research group reported digital printing will reach 17.4 percent of the value and 3.4 percent of the volume of all the world’s print and printed packaging. It’s no surprise that with fast turnaround times, value for money, personalisation and exceptional quality, digital printing is continuing to grow.


Any designated colleague can use MarketTIME to order printed materials, which will be promptly delivered to the relevant location.

The system can also enable designated colleagues to design simple bespoke products, such as business cards, by using branded company-designed templates.


1. Save time

MarketTIME frees valuable time by automating a vast range of time consuming processes such as artwork requests, proofing and purchasing. Turnaround times are reduced enabling a quicker speed to market.

2. Control stock It displays real time stock levels so you can order any reprint in good time. Your key account manager will analyse your stock on a regular basis and will advise you on quantities and the most cost- effective solutions for your products.

3. Save money By only ordering the stock they really need our clients have made real and significant savings.

4. Guaranteed brand integrity Your brand will be reproduced faithfully, quickly and to a consistently high quality. Branded company-designed templates can enable colleagues to design simple bespoke products on brand, every time.

5. Regain control Approval workflows can be implemented to ensure your approval before an order is placed. MarketTIME enables you to manage all of your organisation’s marketing materials in one place.

With MarketTIME, the online product creation, print ordering and stock control functions is ideal for organisations that have multiple users, departments or offices ordering printed materials.

It can be accessed 24 hours a day via any device and is fully customisable to your business needs.

We offer customised user guides and remote training as well as live support. Our system is developed in-house, which enables us to provide a fully comprehensive and responsive support service.

Do yourself a big favour and check out our video here to find out how Tempus can start saving you time, money and guarantee the integrity of your brand.

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