Direct Mail - How to cut through & grab attention

In today’s digital world, we are faced with so many channels, platforms, forums and feeds when advertising our company or brand. However, getting cut through and grabbing attention is actually becoming harder and harder. It’s a distant memory now, those old times when your letterbox was jammed – how many emails do you get compared to business post through your door? Therein lies the new opportunity with direct mail for B2B marketing. Plus in the new GDPR world, direct mail is subject to fewer regulations than electronic communications.

When you look at the stats, direct mail holds attention for longer (up to 17 days on average). Studies have also shown that direct mail is seen to be more believable than email; recipients feel more valued and they have a better impression about the sender’s company. These stats are also on the rise – which makes sense when you look at scams and breaches of security associated with email. This has also been known to increase the ROI for sales team substantially, getting them through the door and on the target’s desk - making them stand out more.

On a purely practical level you can see why direct mail can elicit a better response – it has three dimensions instead of two and can play to more of the recipient’s senses than on screen. It’s no wonder that Google had its best advertising campaign for AdWords through the post by sending out free vouchers.

In the past, direct mail used to be mass-produced, non-personalised and very expensive, but nowadays with a focused, integrated campaign, this does not have to be so. We are not saying digital is out, but if you want to grab more attention - don’t forget about print and direct mail in your marketing mix.

Even when emails provide the most convenient and quickest way to communicate, sending direct mail still plays a significant role in the business landscape.

Research conducted by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) showed that direct mail outperforms email.

  • Generates 4.4% response rate

  • Generates 10% more customers

  • Influences 79% of consumers to act immediately

Mail is kept for extended periods, creating a constant presence in the home.

Source: Royal Mail MarketReach, Ethnographic Quant, Trinity McQueen, 2014

In their 2018 Direct Mail Annual Report “New Currency for Mail,” JICMAIL also revealed numbers that back the stats above.

Based on the direct mail activity of around 1,000 households, the Joint Industry Committee discovered that 57.1% of households opened direct mail and only 26% threw it away or recycled it. 27% of direct mail also remained “live” within the recipient’s home even after 28 days.

How to make direct mail work for your business

  • Track data and analytics. Measure realistic metrics, such as response rate, and make improvements where needed. Know when and where to send direct mails to get the most results.

  • Integrate it with digital campaigns. Send an email followed by a direct mail to increase emotional response and brand recall. You should also tie direct mail with social media.

Partner with Tempus

Take advantage of the impact and benefits of direct mail. With our direct mail services, you can communicate with your prospects better and more efficiently.

Integrate this with our transactional email service and you can maximise your reach to prospects and customers, professionally and with ease. Give us a call today to find out more.

Just managing print is easy. Our job is to get clever and go one step further, understanding your marketing needs from drawer to door so we can suggest better and more cost effective ways of getting your message out there.

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